Current Lab Meeting Schedule

Meeting Name Frequency Day Time Location Description
M2 Liposomes Weekly 549B This group studies the Influenza A M2 transporter. Analysis is done through liposomal reconstitution studies.
Molecular Dynamics Weekly WIDB 549B This group uses molecular dynamics simulations to assess the effects of anesthetics on lipid membranes and membrane proteins (e.g. influenza M2 and gramicidin).
Neuron Circuit Imaging Weekly 549B This group uses tissue culture and brain slices to study anesthetic effects on neuron circuit activity, with a special focus on gap junction imaging, including by AFM.
Oocyte Lab Weekly Frog surgery and oocyte transfection
Planar Bilayers Weekly This team uses bilayers to study M2, gramicidin, KcsA, P2X, etc.
Protein-Lipid Modulation Weekly 549B This group uses small and giant unilamellar vesicles, monolayers, and planar bilayers for study of anesthetic and surfactant effects on lipid rafts, transmembrane protein function, and peripheral membrane protein binding.